Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Altered Stiletto & Mouse Adventure

New altered Stiletto for the ArtFest gallery, the theme is birds so lots of bright feathers. This shoe was made in memory of my sweet friend Sherri, many of the materials for this shoe were ones that were also used during the last retreat she hosted at her Sparrow's Nest Studio. Body of shoe was covered in altered paper towels and sprinkling of glitter. Heel was painted and then a random application of some Jones Tones foil.

In another shoe related story The Vermin (aka the Cats) have outdone themselves again in the mouse department.

We were sitting watching TV on Sunday and I had not seen the cats in the living room for a bit which usually means they are up to something so I went to find them. They were in the bedroom staring very intently into my closet at my shoes. The back door had been open and they had that "we have something cornered" look in their eyes. After shooing them out of the bedroom against bitter protest and shutting the door I looked around in the closet really good and could not see anything..... and then noticed that one of my brand new 3 inch heels had suddenly grown a long skinny tail. There was a BIG fat mouse tucked into the shoe, the shoe is a peep toe so his little face was peaking out the toe and his tail was hanging over the heel. I picked up the shoe VERY carefully because I did not want him to bolt and then be wandering the house for eternity.  Managed to get mouse, shoe and myself out to the back yard and let him go. I am sure he was pretty traumatized, what with being trapped in that leather prison with two cats breathing down his neck. We think Apollo caught him, and so I guess we have to stop calling Apollo "The Big Marshmallow" and start calling him the "Mighty Hunter".

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Charms and Journal Backgrounds

Long time no post, I know. Life happened and not in a good way, time to try and get back on track and focus on some art. I have never really been a journaler, but do know the first step is usually just to get something, anything down on paper. Backgrounds are a good place to start, here are a few.

Lots of mixed media here....acrylic paint, spray inks, deli paper, stencils and foam stamps, spray webbing.

Going to make a effort to finish off some old projects that were gathering dust and I mean that literally..... had one that I actually had to get a big dry paintbrush out to get the dustbunnies and their progeny off of it. Off to ArtFest in a couple of weeks so the usual trade making frenzy is in full swing, charms are always a big hit so that is where I went this year. My wrapped loop skills are getting much better after making 75+ of these.

Soon the supply packing for ArtFest will start and Gerry can make his annual snide comments about whether I need a tractor trailor or not.

My posting hiatus was due largely in part to the passing of my dear friend Sherri Angie. She taught me so much and I am forever blessed to have had the time I did with her and wish so much we could have had more. Not a day will goes by that I do not think of her.

Fly free with your Richard, sweet friend.