Sunday, June 19, 2011

Remembering my Dad

My first Father's Day since we lost Dad on November 9, 2010. Missing him while I look at the photo album I put together for his memorial in Dease Lake, B.C., where Mom and Dad homesteaded five acres of property in the 70's and where I grew up. It was a true pioneer story, Dease Lake is a very small town only 100 miles south of the BC/Yukon border, they built a log cabin with trees from that property and over the years they became an integral part of that community. As kids will do I moved away and got married and was only able to see them when we could make the long trek north. Dad loved cars, was a light and heavy duty mechanic and ran a shop on the outskirts of town. His heart was soft when it came to stray animals, there was always a house full of cats and dogs that he had brought home. Some of the best memories are the purple toy tow truck I received as a little girl, fishing trips via helicopter to the lakes out in the mountains, Dad teaching me how to shoot a rifle. He was not a overly emotional man but I do know that he loved me and I will miss him every day. 

Dad and I during the construction of the log cabin.
Mom and Dad.

The bride and her Dad.

Gerry with Dad in the shop at Dease Lake.