Saturday, January 7, 2012

Catching up!

I did not actually quit just kind of got in the way. I did do some projects during the interim so at least now I will have plenty of pictures to pick from. Re-organized the studio for the supplies for my latest addiction....sewing. Never had any formal sewing classes and you can't count Home Economics in junior high, the most complex thing I did there was embroider Garfield on a pillow case. Found a really good basic "teach yourself to sew" book and between that and lots of seam ripping I think I am getting into the groove. Love to sew paper and fabric, I took a online class from Mary Ann Moss called Remains of the Day, using all those bits and pieces from your paper and fabric stash to make a journal.

Emboldened by my quality time with the sewing machine and an inordinate amount of fabric fondling at Joanne's fabrics I then made this super cute hobo bag from a pattern. Good learning experience since I was working with ultrasuede and it can be a bit of a bear.

Both side are covered in the fringe, very Roaring 20's, all I need now is sparkly headband and I'm set.

The holidays were good this year, my Mom came down from northern BC and Gerry's folks were here also, we had a nice rousing game of Mexican Train dominoes on Christmas day, although I may have to take the 5th on whether on not Mom tried to cheat. Got a Nook tablet from Santa and I love it! The problem of finding a place to keep new paperbacks is now solved....the're in the Cloud, not cluttering up my bookcases and headboard. Of course the fact that I can now play Angry Birds on a screen much bigger than my smartphone is a bonus too....and by the way if you want to drive your spouse to the edge of sanity just turn up the volume of Angry Birds, the chirping, bird cheers and pig snorting is guaranteed to get you the hairy eyeball.

Happy New Year to everyone!