Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chilly December

Sub-zero temperatures, snow, freezing rain...this is what we have had for the past couple of weeks. The positive side to this is all I want to do is hang out inside the studio with the heaters on, so some projects are actually getting done. My calligraphy guild had its annual Christmas party last weekend, we have a gift exchange where everyone brings a hand lettered piece, numbers are drawn and you get a lovely piece of calligraphy done by a guild member. A couple of posts ago there were pictures of some letters I had done, this is the one I took to the party to exchange, all gussied up with some machine stitching, rhinestones, and layering on fabric and paper.

I have just finished a elegant little CD & Memorabilia book, holds 5 CD's and a great presentation when you give someone music or photo CD's. This is a class I look forward to teaching in 2010.

The plate will be full after the New Year, I will be attending ArtFest again this year with my Art Posse (you know who you are!) so there are 32 ATC's due by Feb 15th and about 80+ trades to come up with and complete before March 23rd. I figure if I lock myself in the studio with the iPod on shuffle and a case of Merlot...I should have everything done by March, hopefully. I have many ideas, just need to get them from the brain in the real world, I foresee large piles of STUFF on every available surface, but it's important stuff as every artist knows, even if the spousal unit or non-arty friends don't see it that way.

As this is the holiday season I must of course share the obligatory Christmas pictures. Our Christmas lights did not make it up this year, the wind was blowing stink the weekend we had planned to put them up and I did not think it was really fair to make husband go up on the roof to swap out bulbs when it was blowing 60 mph. Here is a pic of lights from previous years, we tend to go the Tackiest House On the Block look, the neighbors may be blinded but its very pretty!

Yes, that is a giant penguin and polar bear, the power company LOVES us. My Christmas village is a staple every year, the cats love it too, there are usually a couple of times when I come home at lunch and the tiny Victorian people have been trampled beneath the paws of Catzilla.

I just noticed in the picture that the house on the left doesn't have a light on, oops...they must have not been able to pay the power bill because they blew all their cash on plum pudding and those highly over-priced Christmas Trees being hawked in the Town Square.

Of course no Christmas is complete without the usual Pet Humiliation pictures, here is one of Dana, from a couple of years ago after being stuffed unwillingly into the Santa outfit.

 And here is Wolf, Rest In Peace big guy, you're picture is on the tree, Momma misses you this year.

Happy Holidays to all, be safe and see you in 2010!

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  1. I love it. You make me laugh. I particularly like "spousal unit". Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!