Monday, May 24, 2010

Spring Fling

Next to my art gardening is my next biggest passion. When we purchased our property the landscaping was minimal which was good in that it gave me the opportunity to start with a blank slate. One great thing was that the lovely lady who owned the home before us had put in some roses, I think they had been there for quite some time as the base on this red rose plant is about 4 inches across at the base. This is the very first rose of the season....she's a beauty and fragrant too. No idea what kind it is though.

Rhododendron's are plentiful in our county, although they don't always bloom every year, however, this year every single one of mine did. Here are two that frame the front of our house and a close up of a gorgeous peach one.

There were also some Peonies that were in residence when we purchased the home and like clockwork they come back every year, big and fluffy. VERY messy to clean up when their done, but worth it every year.

Not much art has been done in the studio for a few weeks for reasons I won't go into here but since this was garden themed post I thought I would show a "Garden Box" that I did a few years ago. The box is dedicated to my Grandmother Eva, a wonderful woman and fantastic Grandma. The pictures are from vintage specialty paper, I placed glass microscope slides over selected areas to highlight them and bordered them with some micro-beads. Real feathers, dried flowers and text from my Grandmothers high school biology book finish it off.

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  1. My first time seeing your house. It looks familiar. Lovely piece for you grandma.