Thursday, June 17, 2010

Art Metal Jewelry, Photo Book & Upcoming Classes

After altering my template for the CD/Memorabilia Book I came up with a Photo/Memorabilia Book, same binding but the pockets hold 4 X 6 photos and another photo is attached to the front of each pocket/page. The photo corners allow this one to be changed at your whim. I made this one for moi to hold my pics from a trip to the Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island, BC last year.

Have also been messing around with some art metal, basically sheets of brass, aluminum or colored aluminum that can be texturized, colored and made into all sorts of fun stuff. This pendant was made from two layers of medium thickness aluminum, textured and colored with Pinata Inks, eyelets were set in to hang the chain and embellishment at the bottom.

In other good news the Paper Zone has put me on the schedule for more Shrink Plastic Charms and Sticky Note & Memo Pad Booklet classes, the dates are as follows:

Shrink Plastic Charms: July 10 and 24

Sticky Note & Memo Pad/Booklets: July 17 and August 7

And now a plea to any weather deities that may be listening, PLEASE STOP RAINING ON BELLINGHAM, its getting old, the slug army of darkness is getting ready for a total takeover, and the lawn is now a lovely shade of moss, with just a hint of grass.

Its has been a while since a crazy cat lady picture so before anybody goes into withdrawal here is Apollo practicing his Certified HP Printer Technician skills. Nothing voids your warranty faster than a big, furry cat paw stuck up into the innards of your printer.

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  1. Apollo is so-o clever! Glad to hear about the PZ giving you more class dates. Way cool!