Sunday, March 18, 2012

Corduroy & Brocade Handbag

The latest handbag is done, purple wide rib corduroy for the outside panels with green brocade as the accent, bead trim on the flap, there are front and back pockets with magnetic snaps on the outside and I put 4 pockets of various sizes on the interior.

 I happen to like corduroy, my husband refuses to wear it, apparently there was some childhood fashion trauma that lingers to this day. I love the feel of the fabric, and its very durable. Philomena the Pfaff (yeah, I named by sewing machine) went through several layers of the corduroy, a layer of interfacing and a layer of thermolam like a dream.

Spent the morning disassembling 4 men's 100% wool suit jackets I found at a thrift store, wool is spendy in the fabric store and I only need enough for handbags so I spent about $15.00 and got decent size pieces of 4 different patterns, including a yummy ivory.

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