Sunday, July 29, 2012


Been sewing an awful lot, kind of got carried away with the handbags and now its become very clear this muse is powerful (cue angelic chorus here). Will be selling them shortly on Etsy. Need proof  I've been spending some quality time at the it is.

Finally had to buy a proper rack, as I was starting to trip over them laying all over the studio. Thus far I do not have as many handbags as pairs of shoes but it gives me something to shoot for.

Three favorites...

First two very roomy, last one smaller but plenty of space for all of my crap important stuff. All of the bags I make have a concealed zip pocket and at least two other panel pockets on the inside, one of which is made specifically to hold a cell/smartphone. Fabric on the red and black is home dec (red) and vinyl, band is cotton. Blue/brown bag is ultrasuede. Yellow/Black is home dec velvet and vinyl.

To date I have not sewn my fingers together, but I have cut a gash into my finger with my super sharp fabric shears, stabbed myself in another finger with an awl and narrowly missed a slice from the rotary cutter, who knew sewing was such a dangerous activity?

In the garden news I have the Corn Report, planted some for the first time this year, so far so good,  there are ears on the plants, Indian Corn on the far corners and a Joe's Gardens variety in the middle.

I tried to get the cat to pose in the corn with a sign that said "I See Aliens" but he would not cooperate.

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