Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mixed Backgrounds

Finally, a new post! I did go off the grid for a while, Studio Cat #1 was pretty sick for about two weeks with a bad sinus infection, so I was nursing her back to health, including having to force feed her three times a day. Good news is she is mostly back to her normal, bitchy princess self. I did manage to spend a little time in the studio and started messing around with some backgrounds, using stencils, foam stamps, crackle paint and distress inks. Here are my favorites.

Spray inks and liquid watercolor work great when sprayed over a stencil, very messy though, wear gloves or say goodbye to your pretty french manicure. The green and lavender patterns on the center and upper left tags are foams stamp inked up with some acrylic paint.

Progress has also been made on the ArtFest trades 40 down and 60 more to go! Charms are always a common trade so this year I took 3/8 metal washers, colored them with Pinata inks, stamped with some Brilliance ink, wrapped them with two colors of craft wire and finished them off with a jump ring. They kind of remind me of that circle thing that Iron Man has in his chest in movie, but with way more flair!

I went to our local harware mecca, Hardware Sales to get my washers, they are the antitheses of the big box stores, family owned, closed on Sundays and the employees actually want to help you and know where stuff is. The store is also huge, all the parts of it cover almost an entire city block so for the mixed media freak like myself you can spend hours in there discovering things in nooks and crannies and thinking about how you can alter it. Dryer vent filter....hmmm....lets cut that up, spray paint it, throw on some glitter and a voila, you have some neat embellishments. Never mind the nut/screw/washer aisles, holy cow, there are hundreds of possibilites there. Of course the nice helpful nut/screw/washer man always asks me if I need assistance after I have been wandering and pondering for an hour, thinking I must really not have a clue because obviously the spousal unit sent me here for something and now I can't find it. I tell them I am collecting things to make mixed media and art pieces out of and they seem a little taken aback because this artsy fartsy chick has invaded this manly bastion of serious hardware stuff and instead of these washers being used for a important purpose, like fixing a leaky toilet, now they will be defiled with paint and rubber stamps? WTH? Hey, that sounds like a great class, making art pieces just using stuff from the hardware store, I think I'll start working on that.

And now on a more serious note I want to send good karma and hugs to all my art friends who have supported me, helped me keep the faith in my work and said they liked my stuff even at the time I knew it was dreck. Last week was a not a great week for me, there were some folks who were not very nice to me and even though I know it is supposed to be water off the proverbial ducks back it still stung. In thinking about it over the weekend I realized that in the big scale of my life, the side with my dear friends is heavy and full, while the side with the nasty people is light and small. So, that is my profound thought for the day and my love to not only my friends but to those people in this world who choose to take the high road and make their interactions with their fellow woman a positive one.


  1. Jody, you are such a wonderful person. I can't imagine anyone being not nice to you! Know that all the not-niceness people throw out into the universe comes back to them 10 fold... and we don't want to be around when it hits. :)
    p.s. I love Hardware Sales too... and your washer charms are fabulous!

  2. Whoever you've been hangin' with that doesn't like or understand your style, you can dump them right here and now. They don't know their a*s from a hole in the ground. I love your art. It's fabulous, and I want one of your washer charms to wear on my necklace. Will you save me one?

    P.S. I LOOOOVE Hardware Sales.

  3. Hi Jody! I love your washer charms...gorgeous colors and beautifully wire wrapped!! My SIL Raylene clued me about your blog. And I say pooh on those not so nice people. {{{HUGS}}}